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Rise is a cloud based application, and all Rise files are stored in the cloud. Information in Managing Project Files in Storyline 360 is available. If Articulate license is transferred or terminated, cloud files will remain in cloud storage for six 6 months. Packaged programs will always be accessible. Are Articulate 360 tools compliant with 508 Accessibility?The Articulate 360 knowledge base articles provide guidelines and resources and developing accessible e learning courses using their tools. How do I transfer my Team license to another person?You must submit a request through an IT Support ticket requesting reassignment of an existing Articulate 360 Team license. Please specify the present license holder and provide the name and email of the new license holder. Allow two business days for the transfer to take place. Licenses may be transferred to others when projects are done, or the license is not being used. What tool should I use if I have no or limited experience with Articulate?Rise is the easiest course development product in the toolset. Review the tutorials and sample course to assist you with the development process.

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Rx Only. Products not available in all countries. For information on availability, please contact your local sales representative or refer to . All other products are For Research Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostic Procedures. Trademarks and/or registered trademarks mentioned herein, including associated logos, are the property of AB Sciex Pte. Ltd. or their respective owners in the United States and/or certain other countries. Dev. Pte. Ltd.

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Its a matter of pride for both students and their parents. But, how is this ever going to be justified, is another matter?Probably, the reason cited above, or even the brighter students vying for more scores to promisingly secure their seats for either their next class, college or study program, seems to answer the question. It is no more a surprising fact that private tuitions are spreading at a fearful rate even in the cities undergoing lesser development. This is because increasingly more numbers of parents spend overwhelmingly big portions of their earnings on it. The business, thus, not only is flourishing, it is gaining momentum at a very high rate of profitability. Anyhow, its sad to witness that tutoring students privately, further robs children coming from lower income families, of their hard earned means. The industry caters to the wishes of only those, who can dole out more money, every time on its whims. Jesse C. Vivian, RPh, JDProfessor, Department of Pharmacy PracticeCollege of Pharmacy and Health SciencesWayne State UniversityDetroit, MichiganA new self reporting rule has gone into effect that requires health care providers to give notice to specified persons and entities when a breach of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 HIPAA privacy rules occurs. 1 The Department of Health and Human Services HHS issued rules on August 24, 2009, that took effect on September 23, 2009. However, enforcement of the rules, with applicable sanctions, will not occur until February 10, 2010.

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Use the PITAHC assigned initials to designate his/her professional ability and competency to practice naturopathy onlySection 5. Understand that the PITAHC certificate shall be displayed prominently in the medical naturopaths principal place of practiceSection 6. When using the PITAHC logo and certification number on business cards, brochures, advertisements, and stationery, do so only in a manner that is within established PITAHC guidelinesNo persons name is to appear on the professional stationery of a practitioner unless such a person holds a current Practicing Certificate from the relevant authority and is:The name of a practitioner who is a consultant may be included in the professional stationery of a practitioner provided that his status as such is indicated thereon;The professional stationery or business card of a practitioner should contain only factual information, such as details of registration, with a professional board or association, educational qualifications; contact details; and services provided. A practitioners name may appear other than a practitioners professional stationery provided that the practitioner is not described thereon as a naturopath or in any other way advertises the practitioners practice. SHARING OF PREMISESWhere a practitioner is involve in a joint tenancy arrangement with practitioners who are not naturopaths, exceptional care should be taken in regard to the signage and stationery provisions in order to ensure that the good name and standing of the Naturopathy profession is maintained and that the impression is not given to the public that any unregistered practitioner in the joint tenancy is the holder of a practicing certificate. Section 7. Continuous improvement in the quality of health care entails not only maintaining clinical competence but also working collaboratively with other professionals to reduce medical error, increase client/patients safety, minimize overuse of health care resources, and optimize the outcomes of care. Section 8. Medical naturopaths should respect the integrity of other forms of health care and other medical traditions, including Filipino indigenous/traditional medicine and seek to develop collaborative relationships to achieve the highest quality of care for individual client/patients. Section 9. Individually and through their professional associations, medical naturopaths must take responsibility for assisting in the creation and implementation of mechanisms designed to encourage continuous improvement in the quality of care and the application of quality measures.

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