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Everyone needs to shift into a higher gear on the issue of driver distraction, Friedman says. The Transportation Department should finalize distraction guidelines for devices such as smartphones, and the tech industry should support the DOTs efforts. Automakers and the government should accelerate the rollout of effective driver monitoring systems of other technologies that can help ensure that drivers pay attention to the road. Consumer Reports conducted a nationally representative phone survey to assess distracted driver behavior and opinions about texting while driving. In the survey of 622 licensed drivers who own a smartphone, 52 percent admitted to engaging in distracting activities while driving. What Are the Distractions?41% use hands to send a text.

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Wooden's string of championships began with backtoback victories in 1964 and '65. Beginning in 1967, his group ran off seven consecutive NCAA titles going 38 tournament games without a loss a feat unmatched ahead of or since within the sport. The Bruins won with such dominant big players as Kareem AbdulJabbar and Bill Walton. In addition they won with teams that include 86 Wooden's final squad in 197475 that had no marquee stars. In 40 years of coaching higher college and college, Wooden had one particular losing season his 1st. He was 664162 in 29 college seasons. The man known because the "Wizard of Westwood" a nickname he disliked built his dynasty on straight forward precepts. He insisted his squad be meticulously prepared and in best physical situation. He demanded crisp fundamentals and teamwork. He wanted his players to be 35 wise, each on the 63 court and away from the game. To that finish, the stern, dignified Midwesterner created his "Pyramid of Success" a teaching technique based on such traditional values as cooperation and private duty.

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The State shall protect transnational families and the rights of their members. Article 41. Their rights to asylum and sanctuary are recognized, in accordance with the law and international human rights instruments. Persons who have been granted asylum or sanctuary shall benefit from special protection guaranteeing the full exercise of their rights. The State shall respect and guarantee the principle of non return, in addition to humanitarian and legal emergency assistance. Persons requesting asylum or sanctuary shall not be penalized or prosecuted for having entered the country or for remaining in a situation of irregularity. The State, in exceptional cases and when the circumstances justify it, shall recognize the refugee status of a collective group, in accordance with the law. Article 42. All arbitrary displacement is forbidden. Persons who have been displaced shall have the right to receive protection and emergency humanitarian aid from the authorities, ensuring access to food, shelter, housing, and medical and health services. Children, adolescents, pregnant women, mothers with underage daughters and sons, elderly persons and persons with disabilities shall receive preferential and specialized humanitarian assistance.

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and Dhal, S. C. 2011 Financial Sectors Regulation and Implications for Growth. BIS Papers No. 62, 45 62. Saurina. 2009. Micro and Micro determinants ofNonperforming in Tunisia. International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues, 34, 852 860. Sunderam. 2017.

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