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They work very well in making people buy, especially when they are hesitant to buy in the first place. Even those who have already made up their minds to buy, they feel better when they get bonuses for their purchases. The bonus products you should offer must be relevant to the main product and you must ensure they are useful as well. You dont just want to offer crappy bonuses just for the sake of it. Bonuses that are not relevant nor useful to people are turn offs and can end up costing you sales. For example, if you are selling an ebook on Healthy Living, you can offer resell rights software or apps that would check on body weight or temperature to the prospects.

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Assessments in the virtual classroom take many forms, but it is very important that as an online tutor you select the right ones. The point of all assessments is to change the way that online students usually think when completing a task. However, selecting assessments is a complex process. By varying the way an online tutor offers an assessment, the students have the chance to show their knowledge. You know that there are different e learning styles. Therefore, different tasks will challenge the students in unexpected ways.

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After identifying strong relationships between the slip and the acceleration data on dry surfaces, three approaches, including regression analysis, SVM, and deep learning models, were applied to categorize the pavement states slippery or non slippery. As a result, SVM models resulted in reasonably good performances with an average accuracy of 96. 5%, although the deep learning model showed the best performance for one of the three analysis groups that has the largest sample size. A follow up experiment is scheduled in wintertime in 2021 to further investigate that the approach of this study can be applied for data from trucks and buses that carry several kinds of LBS devices for fleet management. In addition, deep learning algorithms need to be further investigated with more data in groups 2 and 3 in Table 2 to find out if the performance of group 1 can be applied to other groups with sufficient data. Lastly, the effect of the road slope for determining thresholds for classifying pavement states needs to be examined.

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But the school pays for everything. BTW: I was told that you have to have a 'work visa' to get a bank account, but I didn't and did. China: Compare this to China. Plan A: Get the paperwork from your school, travel to the nearest consulate, which except for people in large urban areas isn't near at all, travel back to your hometown, wait for the visa, then travel to the consulate again, then travel home again. Last I checked, Chinese consulates don't process work visas by mail. Plan B: Get a tourist visa in Hong Kong, visit the school, hope the FAO can get the paperwork within 30 days or get an extension to your tourist visa, go back to Hong Kong to get the work visa, then go back to your school. Before you go to Hong Kong, you have to get a health check. After you return from Hong Kong, you have to get a foreign expert certificate, then take the health certificate, foreign expert certificate, and work visa to the PSB to get a resident permit. Some of this the school pays for, a lot of it they don't. Generally, they won't pay for any expenses incurred outside the city where the school is located. And before any of this starts, you have to get a recommendation letter from your previous school and they have to cancel your foreign expert certificate.

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