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Retrieved Dec. 16, 2010, from lanton, Shannon Lindsey. 2005. Foreign Policy in Transition?Human Rights, Democracy,and U. S. Arms Exports. International Studies Quarterly, Vol. 49, 647 667. Butler, Desmond. 2010. Lawmakers stretching out Russia nuke pact debate.

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The tumour cells likes salvestrols because it can eat them and feed off them when they are in low levels. So along comes a salvestrol into the tumour cell appearing as some food. It does not want to pump it out of the cell, it wants to hold on to it for as long as possible so that it can eat it. So the tumour cell keeps filling up with salvestrols until it reaches a level that switches the CYP1B1 enzyme on. Once CYP1B1 is switched on it digests the salvestrol and burns it up as fuel. This is a mini combustion reaction where the hydrocarbon i. e. the salvestrol gets oxidised and releases energy and ATP for the cells metabolic requirements. This combustion process changes the structure of the salvestrol so that it now fits the death switch and the cells are instructed to undergo apoptosis and die. So their is no resistance to this natural mechanism. Its on a dead mans trip switch that cannot fail.

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Theres always a tenuous balance between public health and personal liberty, she said. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Our county currently has one of the highest per capita active infection levels in the country, and in the world for that matter, Thiex said. In the last seven days, we have had 75 new cases, which is well into both the federal and state red zones, she said. At the rate we are going the exponential increase in cases is going to out pace our ability to respond, Thiex said. I see the current proposed measures as a middle ground, basically kind of a last ditch effort to see if we can slow the transmission of this virus. She read the case fatality ratios for South Dakota to date; its a measure of the percent of people who have been diagnosed with COVID 19 and died from it. Its calculated by dividing the number of deaths over the number of people diagnosed. For South Dakota, as of Tuesday, in the 20 29 age group, . 1% of people who were diagnosed died, so thats one death in 1,000 cases. In the 30 39 age group, the case fatality rate is .

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