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Perceived luminance depends on temporal context. Nature, 4286985, 854 856. doi:10. 1038/nature02467Spatial interactions in brightness perception are well known1,2 but provide an incomplete description; the TCE shows that brightness is inuenced by temporal context as well. Our results further show a surprising juxtaposition of facts: rst, that information encoded about the brightness of stimuli changes over time, such that the appearance of physically identical brief ashes compared to a persisting long ash varies as a function of stimulus onset asynchrony Fig. 1c; and yet, second, the perceived brightness of a long ash remains constant over time Fig.

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In particular, there is also reason to believe that, in this case, non communication was chosen over open support in order to avoid self incrimination. The following actions are proposed to address the above described issues big thanks to DraconicDark for his original draft proposal:When considering what sort of action is the most appropriate, it is important to recognize that simple and quick to implement solutions are the most likely to have an immediate effect. On the other hand, it is vital to choose the actions which, on the whole, cannot be subverted, worked around, or even rolled back through local consensus. Your comments and questions are more than welcome. Pinging the participants of the previous RfC, in no particular order: Notrium, George Ho, Srdjan m, DobarSkroz, Rschen7754, DraconicDark, Sj, Ajraddatz, Rosguill, SpinningSpark, Nosebagbear, Kaldari, Da Wlf, Santasa99. GregorB talk 21:48, 10 October 2019 UTCBack to the main proposal, I now Support proposals 1, 2, and 4. Since the hrwiki possibly contains biased, whitewashed content, those admins and editors with their similar extremist?views would be responsible for the state of the project. However, I agree with others that 3 is too excessive. Regarding 5, I don't know whether there will be enough active [email protected] in the future. Is the hrwiki community large or sufficient enough to have its own ArbCom?As you said, there is "no meaningful community" anymore. However, if ArbCom were to be reestablished, I fear that any admin or editor with extremist or extremely biased views would become an arbitrator by majority vote.

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You may not repeat a supplemental examination for a given semester without the approval of the Dean. You must complete an official written withdrawal form within the dates specified in the Education Calendar to Withdraw from a course. You are considered to be a member of the class until the Student Record Update form is fully processed. Non attendance in itself does not constitute withdrawal from a course. If you drop a course without officially withdrawing, you will receive a final grade of F Fail and 0 Zero grade point. Course withdrawals from the College become effective on the date the Student Record Update form is submitted to Student Services. After the eighth week, withdrawals will be permitted only under exceptional circumstances and only with the approval of the Dean. You must write a letter to the Dean that requests a late withdrawal and outlines the exceptional circumstances, and give the letter to Student Services. The Dean will then convene an Appeal Committee to determine if the W Withdrawal is to be assigned or if the F Fail is to remain. If you do not meet specific c attendance requirements in your program and you do not officially withdraw, you may, at the discretion of the Dean receive a final grade of NSH No Show, rather than F Fail. The NSH will not receive an 0 Zero grade point, nor will it be included in the grade point averaging.

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