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She asked teenagers how often they use socially interactive technologies, like instant messages and texts, and then assessed how comfortable they felt talking to people face to face. Pierce found that the more the students spent using online communication methods, the more likely they were to show symptoms of anxiety about communicating face to face. Whats more, teenage girls showed much more anxiety than did their male peers. These conclusions left Pierce with a chicken and egg problem: Was it the use of technology that has created a heightened sense of anxiety about talking to someone face to face, or did it start with social anxiety that led to increased use of social media? Either way, though, she hypothesizes that teens are using social media as a crutch, a replacement for the in person interactions that help them develop socially. Its going to take a lot more research because, as Ive seen in my other research about social media, due to excessive use of cell phones, teens and young people alike are not talking face to face. Its hampering their social skills, she said. But Rodebaugh, the psychologist, is skeptical that technology is to blame for social anxiety among teens. What weve seen from some of my students studies is, if youre the sort of person who is going on Facebook to interact with people you expect to see sometime in the future, youre going to interact with them in the real world, he said. Theres no evidence that using technology that way has a negative effect, he added. But he agrees that adolescence is a pivotal time in a persons social development and, as future studies probe the relationship between social anxiety and technology, is a good place to look for it. In the years since Pierces study, digital communication has become even more common.

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Links to the relevant web pages are provided through the Further Information tab. The department will provide you with a briefing prior to the meeting of the Board of Examiners. It is the responsibility of the Chair of the Board to arrange this. This briefing will cover the provision for which you are responsible, and the way in which the assessment process including meetings of the board is administered by the department. The Chair of the Board will ascertain whether you wish to meet with staff or students as part of your induction to the department. The Chair will also notify you of dates of meetings of the board, and will discuss when you will receive student work and examination scripts.

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The scans show how my brain response differs after seeing consecutive incongruent images the mismatched expressions and emotions, i. e. , smiling face with the word fear as compared with my seeing an incongruent image after a congruent one i. e. , smiling face with the word happy. In my brain scans, there are about eight blue splotches and a few dabs of red. The former shows the regions that are less active, while the latter shows those that are more active. Etkin points to the brightest red fleck that is just above my forehead. There youre activating your ventromedial prefrontal cortex, he tells me. He then points to the blue that starts up at the top of my head and swoops toward the back of my head and down to the center of my brain. As you engage, you also dampen the dorsal medial prefrontal cortex and the lateral prefrontal cortex, and you dampen activity in the amygdala, he says.

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