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An advertisingbooklet/story for "The Glaciarium" Ice Skating rink in Melbourne. Also: Elves and Fairies: Prospectus 1915 16. Four pages,approx A4 sized prospectus for Ida and Annie's deluxe book. Includes sampleplate 'The Autumn Fairy'. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. A local business, along with state and local leaders, are giving their support to a anti gang initiative. The Crepevine Restaurant, is hosting 50 LARGE on Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012, at its new location at Gaines Street and Railroad Avenue. The young men, their parents and the staff and community partners of 50 LARGE will act as hosts throughout the day, answering questions from the restaurant's guests. As part of its Share Day program, Crepevine will donate a portion of the days profits to 50 LARGE when guests mention the organization at the register. Just before noon, the Secretary of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, Wansley Walters, will join Leon School Superintendent Jackie Pons and Tallahassee Community College President Jim Murdaugh for a press conference.

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A vision board is a visual representation of the things you want to accomplish or acquire. People create vision boards to have a constant reminder of what they are working towards. A vision board is a great tool for teaching children about goal setting. Children can use vision boards to keep them motivated and focused as they work toward their goals. A vision board activityThe following vision board activity will help the child in your life start their goal setting journey with ease and FUN!First, download my Goal Setting for Children worksheet. Work with the child to complete the worksheet. Once you have done this, you are ready to make a vision board. What you will need: Poster board any size Magazine articles and pictures that represent yourgoals and action plan scissors Crayons, markers, or colored pencils Glue, glue stick or tape poster board letters optionalGather all your materials and have the child glue the pictures on to the poster board. Let their creativity run wild. Once they are done, hang their vision board where they can see it often. For an added element of fun, feel free to make your own vision board with your child.

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Prospective CFEs must typically have a bachelors degree or at least two years of fraud related experience. While the bachelors degree requirement doesnt require study in a particular field, certain degrees may help students better prepare for their CFE credential. Utica College, for example, offers a bachelors of science BS degree in fraud and financial crime investigation that is available in an entirely online format. Topics covered as part of this degree program include financial institution fraud, identity theft, investment fraud, money laundering, public corruption, and more. Two concentrations are also available: financial investigation and fraud prevention and detection. Additionally, the school provides an executive masters of science MS degree in economic crime management that similarly can help students with preparation for the CFE, and is offered entirely through online learning. Many other programs are available to help students train for their CFE credential, including hybrid and online learning options. Students can also look for programs through a schools department of accountancy, where they may find options available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. North Seattle Community College provides a 15 credit certificate course in accounting fraud that is available entirely online. Courses include fraud examination, forensic accounting, and introduction to financial criminology, and are particularly geared toward students who eventually may want to take the CFE exam. Other schools offering online education to help prep students for the CFE exam include Southern New Hampshire University whose bachelors of science degree in forensic accounting and fraud examination program stresses fraud detection, theft and malfeasance through close investigation of financial records.

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