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Since students work at their own pace, individualizing instruction comes easily. To help students practice measuring lengths, I plan a Measuring Scavenger Hunt using standard and non standard measurement tools i. e. , rulers and craft sticks. I provide the students with a sheet including questions such as, What can you find that is 6 inches long?or How wide is the bookcase?Have students work in pairs to come up with their answers. I also like to leave a few blank spaces on the sheet so each student can look around the room and select and measure items of his or her own choice. A fun way to introduce the concept of non standard measurement is to use pony beads and jute twine to make rulers. To do this activity, each pair of students gets 16 18 of jute to leave room for tying knots at each end. Students then work together to count out pony beads in groups of four and string onto jute. Each group of four beads represents 1 each bead is about 1/4 wide. They alternate the colors of each group of four 4 blue, 4 yellow, 4 blue, 4 yellow, etc.

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Computer networking projects give students hands on experience to learn and digest the course materials Gliffy. Gliffy 39 s diagramming software was built by a pair of engineers who wanted all the ease of drawing diagrams on a whiteboard packed into one powerful app. Useful Technologies to Support Students with Dyslexia . Free ebooks The free version allows users to create 5 diagrams. This is a resource for students who want to level up their skills to score 90 on math and science tests at school. In this lesson students will work in pairs and use Gliffy to create a mindmap to display and briefly describe each of the major features contained in the universe including galaxies stars solar systems and nebulae. Level Up in Math and Science. May 19 2020 There are also educational plans for teachers and students. My students enjoy using Gliffy I have some students who obviously think in mind maps. Luckily they are offering free subscriptions to students and non profit organizations. The availability of this site is very beneficial for teachers and students.

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Section 9. Medical naturopaths have both the individual and collective obligations to participate in processes involving the educational and standard setting process. Section 10. Participate in the processes of self regulation, including engaging in internal assessment and accepting peer review of all aspects of their professional performance, as well as remediation and discipline of members who have failed to meet professional standards. Section 1. Shall endeavor to serve the best interests of client/patients at all times and to provide the highest quality service possible. Section 2. To do no harm to other client/patient nor to terminate a or attempt to do so, by any means whatsoever. Section 4. Must ensure that client/patients are completely and honestly informed before the client/patient consented to the treatment and after treatment has occurred so that client/patients are empowered on the course of therapy. The naturopath will endeavor to communicate clearly and compassionately with the patient or patient advocate regarding the analysis of state of health, advice, recommendations and naturopathic prescriptions, and will confirm that such is fully understood.

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Now structural work will be successful and lasting. The subconscious rules!. Myofascial release safely, efficiently and highly effectively moves us naturally into the subconscious healing zone for authentic healing to occur. Another way of describing this healing zone is our intuitive, instinctive state. The hypnagogic state is the state of consciousness just before you go to sleep or wake up, when you feel as if youre slightly floating, but aware. I teach therapists and clients how to achieve this healing zone to maximize effectiveness and enhance the quality of their lives. This is why myofascial release, unwinding and rebounding will greatly enhance all you do. The techniques you are skilled at will move into an even more productive dimension. This is when your mind body is processing information and experiences its self correcting process. The problem is if you had a car accident or fell from a tree, you need the help of a trusted therapist to eliminate gravity to find the positions of past trauma and support you as you release tissue memory. No one can force someone to unwind.

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