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2. Zhao, A. Xiao, H. I. Park, T. Kang, D. R. Hurst, D. A. R. Zorio,Y.
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| I could not refrain from commenting. Parent blaming has become something of a modern day occupation. That is certainly not my intent. Who among us had perfect parents or are ourselves perfect parents?What did our parents know about parenting?Like most of us they passed on the values and beliefs they had acquired from their own parents. Generally though those of my parents generation they are currently 90 years old believed in a patriarchal, strict household without much awareness of the psycho social needs of their children. Life was difficult for the people raised in the Depression era and many had struggles that caused overwhelming challenges when they became parents.

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S. Snekha SriSri S. Ramasamy Naidu Memorial CollegeSattur 626203, Tamilnadu, IndiaSelect Papers of the International Conference on Translation:Exploring the Nuances and Possibilities of Mediating Intercultural Texts . Dr. S. Jayanthi, M. A. , M. Phil. , Ph. D.

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Accounting, law and banking will have a significantly fewer number of roles, but they will be better paid. Graduate employment outcomes from Commerce and Law degrees will get progressively worse, as will their retention within professional organisations as automation is rolled out. The health occupations have both a low probability of been automated, as well as benefiting from the greater demand for healthcare services as the population ages. But it's likely to be a good time to be a business owner as well, as you will enjoy greater profitability from the same revenue as your costs shrink, similar to the projections we have been discussing in professional firms. And a good time to own shares, particularly in companies that can automate and grow their profitability, even if revenue remains flat. It also presents an opportunity for universities. But to do this requires a reconsideration of the mix of the degrees they are offering, and a re design of some courses. A university that comes out and can say that they are preparing their students for the fourth industrial revolution should do well and would be a point of difference, but this requires vision and a willingness to re design courses around student needs, two things that, in my experience, universities are not good at. What will happen to Asian economies?Japan will collapse as their system requires full employment to keep people happy. Law has never been considered a difficult course and most lawyers will struggle with year 12 calculus let alone 1st year Linear algebra. And a good time to own shares, particularly in companies that can automate and grow their profitability, even if revenue remains flat.

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Does your dog know any tricks?Standing by the door and welcoming students as they enter the classroom is a quick and easy way to show students they are important and that you are glad to see them. This procedure also helps you start the day with personal contact with each and every student. This is a procedure Wong and Wong 1998 advocate as a way to begin the day and the school year on a positive note. When you see students display strong emotions e. g. , when they are happy, excited, or angry, you have an opportunity to build positive relationships by asking how they are doing and what is going on with them. Statements such as, Are you all right? and Can I help with anything? let students know they are cared for, valued, and noticed. Listening intently and sincerely to students is a powerful way to communicate how much you care. Maintaining eye contact and paraphrasing helps students realize that you have heard them. In addition, when you empathize with students, they understand that they are recognized and valued. This does not mean that you have to agree with all their actions, but that you let them know that you recognize the emotions behind their actions.

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